How to keep a journal on Healthbit.

Sometimes you may want to add a general note relating to, for example; helpful advice received from a doctor, something new you've started doing to help with your condition, something you're considering doing and want to speak to a doctor about, etc. 

To keep this information together so that it's easily accessible and all in one place, you can use the Journal feature.

To create a journal entry;

1) Go to 'Health Record' using the primary navigation

2) Select 'Edit Health Record'

3) Select 'Journal'.

4) Add your journal entry. You can select the level of importance for the journal entry (Low, Medium, High) to help you spot important entries more easily.   

5) When you return back to view the 'Health Record' you will now see your information presented in the timeline. Please ensure your filter in the timeline is set to show journal entries.

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