How to create a personal health record on Healthbit.

Healthbit makes it easy for users to create, manage and share their own personal health information.

Why do we think this is important?

- Always have important information to hand for when you need it, for example;  

i) Seeing a doctor that you don't normally see who has limited access to your medical details

ii) in an emergency

iii) to remind you of future appointments or past immunisations

- Automatically gain relevant insights to help you manage any conditions you may have.

For every condition you may manage, a Trends page is available to bring you an aggregate view of how other people are managing the same condition, what works for them and what doesn't.

To create your personal health record;

1) Go to 'Health Record' using the primary navigation

2) Select 'Edit Health Record'

3) Choose a section that you would like to update information for, e.g. 'Conditions' or 'Symptoms'.

4) Add your information. When you return back to 'Health Record' you will now see your information presented in a clean, easy-to-understand screen.

5) If you ever wish to share your information, you can do so in a controlled way. 

Learn about sharing your health record.

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