Controlling my shared personal health record

If you have shared or saved a view of your personal health record, you can manage how it is shared by using the 'My Views' section of the site.

1) Go to 'Health Record'

2) From sub-menu, select 'My Views'

3) Against each View that you have saved, you will have a number of useful tools that you can use;

i) 'Share view' - if not being shared

ii) 'Stop sharing' - if already being shared

iii) 'Add people' - if already being shared and you want to share the same view with more people

iii) 'Remove people' - if already being shared and you want to remove existing people from seeing the view

iv) 'Set expiry date' - specify an expiry date for a view that is being shared. Please note that this does not prevent an invitee from printing off information or taking a screen-grab of information you have shared with them.

People that you invite to view your shared health record will receive an email containing a link that will take them to the saved view that you have shared with them.

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