How do I share my health record?

To do this, follow these steps;

1) Go to 'Health Record' from main menu;

2) Use the 'show/hide' and settings control tools next to each section of the health record to hide any content that you do not wish to share;

3) Use the 'View from' (near the top of the page) to specify the date range that you wish to share information from;

4) Select 'Share view'

5) Complete the details in the form, ensuring you have correctly added the details of people you wish to share with.

6) Use the 'Set expiry' field to control the period that your information will be available to view online by invited people. Please note that this does not prevent an invitee from printing off information or taking a screen-grab of information you have shared with them;

7) Select the 'Send' button.

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