Personalising the My Health page

The My Health page offers a powerful way to view a summary of the information that you are recording on Healthbit.

The page is made up of information panels that we call 'health summaries'. Each health summary has a title, such as Nutrition, Calories, Sleep, Activity, etc.

You can personalise your page in a number of ways, outlined below;

Hiding health summaries (panels)

Use the hide option located on the far right of each health panel.

Adding health summaries (panels)

i) Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a selection of health summaries that you can show on your page.

ii) Select the 'Show' option next to the health summary that you wish to add to your page. 

Re-positioning health summaries (panels)

Use the 'Move' up/down option located on the far right of each health panel. Depending on which option is selected the panel will slide up or down. 

The page will remember your preferences for when you revisit the page again. 



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