About Charts - Available Views, Downloading, Exporting

Charts provides a great visual way for you to understand your progress and compare how your health changes as a result of changes in specific aspects of your health management, e.g. exercise, treatment dosages,  nutrition, etc.

You can explore your health data around specific dates in a simple view or a more advanced view. The simple view is the view that you see when you first visit the Charts page. 

You can explore 31 days of data on the screen in the simple view. To select your own specific date ranges, use the advanced view (described later). 

In the simple view, you can select a month to explore by using the calendar tool, as shown below.


To select your own specific date ranges or to see the data in a table format, use the advanced view. 

To activate the advanced view, select the red down icon that appears next to the title for each chart title.

You can amend the date ranges to suit your required view and select a chart or table view.

Clicking on the labels in an advanced chart view will allow you to show/hide data lines in your view.

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