Managing the information shared on your 'Profile' page

When you visit Profile, you will see information that you have entered about yourself, a shortened version of your medical history and any status updates you have made. This information may not represent what others see when they visit your page, depending on your privacy settings and the settings you applied when you added status updates.

In order to see the Profile page as others see it, you can use the 'View as' feature at the top of the page.


You can modify what people can see by; 

1. visiting Manage Privacy, using the drop-down from your profile name at the top of the screen; 

2. Selecting the Privacy Settings tab, you will see information about you that can be shown or hidden based on your preference.

To change what is visible and to whom:

1. Next to each content heading, tap on the padlock to open the options menu;

2. Select your privacy preference

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